[jitsi-users] google voice ICE fail with PSTN or other phone numbers


I have installed Jitsi for a friend and added a 'google talk' account. We
are trying to get it so that the application can replace gmail's talk

There seem to be two subapplications within gmail:

a. chat that includes voice and video that is used for gmail users in
the list of contacts

b. calling a phone number

I don't know how these are internally connected but they are somehow since
one can have a phone number connected to the gmail account which rings
within gmail.

What works:

Jitsi shows all google contacts and allow voice communication when doing
something similar to a. above.

Can call and receive calls directly to and from gmail accounts with no phone
number involved.

What does not work:

Anything involving a phone number.

For example if I dial the gmail-related phone number that rings within the
regular gmail application (google voice is set to have it ring in gmail)

- it does rings in Jitsi and displays a pop-up:

"+XXXXXXX@google.voice.com/srvenc-PK............is calling..." it has a
green and red phone handle

But after the green phone icon is clicked another pop-up comes that is
trying to make the connection and it says:

"Error: Could not establish connection (ICE failed)" and then hangs up.

Note that when calling to jitsi from another gmail account on a neaby
computer (using the associated phone number) even after jitsi rang, gave the
error message above and hung up the calling computer kept ringing - as if on
its end a connection was never established and it was still waiting for
someone to pick up.

This occurs whether the phone number is dialed from another gmail account or
from an outside PSTN phone.

Outbound dialing from Jitsi to a phone number even it is a google phone
number does not work either.

Any ideas?