[jitsi-users] glitchy status


I have version 2.6.5390 running on Windows 7.
My question is regarding the IM side of Jitsi.

I have found that setting my status is often glitchy.
Sometimes I can set my status to AWAY without a problem but often I have to do it twice before it will take. There have been times when I've put myself to AWAY and came back an hour later and I'm still ONLINE. Even worse, when it does work and successfully goes to AWAY, when I come back and set myself ONLINE it will put me as INVISIBLE on AIM. I did not notice at first until someone asked if I was online. Then it did not let me set AIM back to ONLINE even though I tried going back and forth from AWAY to ONLINE.

I am unable to use the IM portion with this happening.

Or is there something I can do about this?

Thanks in advance.