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From: Damian Minkov <damencho@jitsi.org>
Subject: Re: [jitsi-users] XMPP account not working
Date: 21 juni 2013 14:46:06 CEST
To: Erwin Odendaal <erwinodendaal@me.com>


please forward your future emails to the list, so anybody can follow.


No, I did not. Now I did and it works! Thanks for your swift reply.

Glad it helps.

Some recommendations:

But "Please complete the server part of your account." is not a clear
message I think... "Please add the domain name of your account (like
"@jit.si") to your user name" is better. Especially for Skype users who are
accustomed to just use their user name without having to add something like

Will check it. But I doubt there is a big difference between "domain
name" and "server part" if you are used to just using only username.

And a confirmation email after your registration at jit.si with instructions
would be welcome.
To be a success Jit.si must be fool proof. (And I'm not even a fool, I work
in ICT...)

Well we are using opensource server Openfire, which is disconnected
from sending any email, and as I know there is no currently available
plugin for it. And as we are not service oriented, we are not
providing any service or its support, doubt that we will change this.
Jit.si is a proof of concept service, so it can serve for example and
as the register page says "In other words, this is where we test and
experiment with all of Jitsi’s new features.".
But of course we well take your note, once we go that way :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have an Open Source provider for 'Skype-like' calls. For example in the Netherlands XMPP-providers are paid services. I can't get my contacts to switch from Skype to Jitsi if they have to pay. We need an alternative for Skype I think!

And although I am a member of your mailing list, I did receive an email
after sending to this mailing list with the message:
"Your mail to 'users' with the subject

  XMPP account not working

Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

The reason it is being held:

  Post by non-member to a members-only list

Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
notification of the moderator's decision. If you would like to cancel
this posting, please visit the following URL:


Also a bit confusing %-}

This is strange, anyway I received your mail twice in 10 minutes with
the difference in the footer (signiture) of the mail. Can it be that
when sending the first one you were not subscribed?

That's correct. I registered with my emailadres info@erwinodendaal.com, but my email program sends emails with erwinodendaal@me.com. Maybe that was why I was not a member according to the system and I registered again under a different emailadres. Also to test if I did something wrong in the registration proces.



Kind regards,
Erwin Odendaal


did you follow the same steps as described here:



Last week I registered on jit.si. The "New account successfully created."
I never received any confirmation of that account.
Until this morning I tried to add this XMPP account in the accounts-screen
with all different account. That made Jitsi "hang".

This morning I updated Jitsi, the accounts-screen seems to no longer exist.

When I try to add the XMPP account to Jitsi (preferences > Accounts) now I
get the message "Please complete the server part of your account." I had no
idea what to do here.
So I registered a second time under another name in the hope to receive a
confirmation and to be able to complete the server part of my account. But
nothing. And adding this new account leads again to the message "Please
complete the server part of your account."

For now I'm out of options...

Erwin Odendaal
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