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what is the correct way to do the following with Jitsi: an external call arrives

at my Jitsi soft phone, I reply and I would like to pass the call to another

extension (physical phone). If I press "Transfer call" the call is immediately

transferred. How can I pause the current call, contact the other extension

and ask if they want to speak with the caller?

I could never use "Dial pad" during calls: I ear the sound, but key pressed

are simply ignored. I use a Debian Jessie with Jitsi 2.4.4997: how can I use





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Hello, I tried to send the following message to the list, logs on the
server tell me it was sent, but I can't see it on the mailing list. I
tried the first time to send it on last friday. I sould be still
subscribed to the list since I receive other messages from it.

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Oggetto: Passing calls and using dialpad

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In data lunedì 27 ottobre 2014 14:24:51, hai scritto:

Before pressing "Transfer call", just call the other contact through
the contact if you have one, through dial panel or just typing the
number in the search field and pressing call icon. And if you want to
transfer the first call, then press the "Transfer call", this will
give you the option to transfer it to the other ongoing call and will
do the trick.

That works great, thanks!

You must check the supported DTMF method by the server and configure
your account to use that. You can configure it in account
configuration form in the Connection tab, there is a DTMF section. If
you cannot find information for the server you can try the available
options till one works for you :slight_smile:

Works with "SIP INFO", thank you very much!