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You are the man !!

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That make sense, Tomas. Have made a change to the mail client config and
this is the first test


Tomas Kopal

My guess is that you need to change your mail client to use "Your Name
<your.name at mail.addr>" format of sender address...


On 13.09.2013 13:15, Pavel Tankov wrote:

All the difference I can see between your subscription to the list and

mine is that you are subscribed to digest and also you disabled mail
delivery to yourself.

Pavel Tankovquote

  It's enlightening to remember that the EU in Brussels can issue arrest
warrants for heads of EU governments guilty of war crimes.

Where is this coming from, Pepe? I checked with a couple of my contacts in
the Commission (one a fairly high-ranking legal functionary) and they
cannot confirm that such a mandate exists.

Please substantiate

On 13.09.2013 12:02, haldenwang@posteo.de wrote:

No Pavel; what I want is to show my name or alias (mh505) rather than
my email address. If you look at the attached capture, you will see that
the others show a name, I show an address.

Yet I don't know how to do that ?!



Pavel Tankov ptankov at bluejimp.com
Wed Sep 11 17:34:50 CEST 2013

Do you want your email to be hidden when you post? The only hiding that
do is "user at example.com".

Pavel Tankov

On 10.септ..2013, at 19:03, haldenwang at posteo.de wrote:

Could someone pls explain to me how to suppress my email address when

posting at the list. I seem to be among the very few users where this

Thanks in advance !