[jitsi-users] Fwd: default settings - ever questioned...?!

> I think every programs should default to go with the system's network

That is what we do. Reading from all the questions about the parallel
resolver, I think nobody actually understands what it does despite Emils
good explanations.

Hm, what I thought I understood from the emails:

There were questions about a "backup resolver" and "parallel DNS resolving"
option. The explanations seemed to point out that the term "parallel resolving" is not
a good description of what the program is said to be doing (backup ressolving).

My two cents were that a program should not do any attempt at all to try backup DNS
resolving by itself, but return a useful error message about and how the systems DNS
server had failed, and tell the user that the systems DNS or network configuration needs
to be renewed, fixed or changed to a reachable DNS server (for the whole system to work again).

Programs doing their own resolving is asking for confusion and headaches for everyone,
the casual user as well as the tech savvy admin.