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From: Chris Kaspro <kaspro@web.de>
Date: Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 7:07 AM
Subject: default settings - ever questioned...?!
To: users@jitsi.org

Hello everybody,
new here so first a quick and big thanks to this great piece of
software. Ever since Sky** was swallowed and now even changed it's
policies, I try to convince as many as friends as I can to use Jitsi :slight_smile:
Now, to the point:
For many users which are not as 'comfortable' with the computer, I think
some options on the default install should be changed - or discussed :slight_smile:
These are:
1.: !!Backup Resolver: Due to privacy reasons, I very much dislike this
"Google option" - now, by default, ALL THE TIME I start up
Jitsi / make a call / invite a friend, Google knows where I am and to
what domain I want to call - as this option is enabled by default! There
are a lot of other, un- logged/filtered public DNS servers out there
(e.g. see http://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/Alternative_DNS) to use. This is
the a very critical issue for privacy reasons, and probably most of the
users haven't even seen that / looked up the IP's of "your" Backup

2.:Autostart: is generally disabled. If I want to reach people, they
have to have Jitsi running, but at the beginning I jumped over the
"Autostart on startup" option - so now, many users are simply only
reachable on Sky**. Bugger! I vouch that it is switched to "enabled" by
default, so that people are reachable. I don't see a downside for this,
just positives.

3.: Automatically initiate private messaging: Also something I have
overseen at first. I'm going through all the "hassle" of setting up
encryption, but every time I have to be sure that I turn it on? I don't
think there's that much CPU/additional bandwidth involved that this
couldn't be turned on by default (as, when I don't have the contact
verified, it obviously works as a normal chat anyways)? If we can
encrypt, I think we should.

4.: Logging: I have seen (at least on the Linux version) that logging is
enabled for all protocols by default. I think this is an unnecessary
risk(if also not big, but it's there - IP addresses etc. are stored) and
performance/disk usage factor (again, not big, but - how many users even
know what that data is?). If I do have an issue and know how to decipher
the logs, then I also know where to enable it...?!

I hope that's not too much in one post and thanks in advance for
Cheers Chris