[jitsi-users] free working sip providers for jitsi desktop?

When I installed jitsi desktop, I tested a number of sip providers.
Only one provider worked.
Is there a list of free sip providers which
make messenger,audio, video and
desktop sharing work on jitsi

For audio, video and desktop sharing are there
other networks which will work? Will
xmpp work?

Thank you.

I used iptel.org at first, then I adden account fromm ippi.fr because they have a bridge to the telephone network you can buy minutes on. I never ended up getting any minutes though so I can’t say anything about how well that works. Recently I got an internet connection with an sip phone line built in so I mostly use that now.

Voice works but I don’t know anyone that uses sip to communicate so I have 0 experience with video and desktop sharing. I never got those working on xmpp either but I might just have them set up wrong and I don’t know many people anyone who use xmpp either. It’s sad really, it seems like we are in a period where internet communication technology is going backwards, at least outside of the walled gardens.