[jitsi-users] Fonts unreadbly small both UI and chat windows



Sorry if this has been discussed before. I have done a couple of
searches of the mailing list and not found anything useful.

I have previously used Jitsi on small screen netbooks running Linux
and under MacOSX on a laptop with a HD screen as second screen. This
laptop is usually used at a distance of 1-2m from the screen.

I have now put linux on the macbook and installed Jitsi only to find
that the fonts both of the UI and contents of chat windows are too
small to be read even as close as 1m from the laptop's built in screen
(1280x800). I have to be less than 50cm from the screen before I can
actually comfortably use Jitsi. Font sizes in contacts list and chat
windows seem to be similar to Monospace 9.

I don't remember these fonts being too small on the small screen
devices nor under MacOSX although memory is a funny thing.

Is there any way to increase font sizes in the UI and chat windows in
Jitsi? I have not been able to find any information about this on the
net or menu options within Jitsi itself.

I had similar problems with Terminal and gedit but both have menu
options to set a local display font and both applications respect the
global font settings for their UIs found in the window manager (Noto
sans 17). I assumed that this would be handled by a global font
setting in Linux.

LInuxmint 17 XFCE 64 bit Intel. Jitsi 2.10.5550

Thanks in advance



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