[jitsi-users] fonts/themes

As Adium (OSX xmpp client) is not being maintained I've been looking for alternatives and found the very excellent jitsi. It has a bunch of features and very nice integrations. However the big regression (coming from Adium) is that the design is very inflexible and quite ugly.

* Are there some hidden settings for theming?

* Can we just adjust font sizes for the XMPP window and contact list? Even some advanced preferences would be enough (if we could adjust the following):

- font name
- contact panel line height: pixels
- contact avatar display: boolean
- contact font size: pt
- contact group font size: pt
- contact group background colour
- contact header show: boolean
- chat header font size: pt
- chat header background colour
- chat message font size: pt

Just these settings would go a huge way to making the UI much easier to use.

Thanks for a very nice product.



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