[jitsi-users] Feature Request: BOSH over XMPP (XEP-0206)



I have satellite internet, and Jitsi is effectively unreliable for me: I
would like to reliably do ZRTP-encrypted video calls. Skype always works
fine, but XMPP is spotty: during non-prime-time hours (mornings, weekdays)
ZRTP-encrypted video *sometimes* works well. On weekends and evenings,
oftentimes I can't even so much as do an XMPP text chat, as the satellite
QOS rules ruthlessly drop all the XMPP packets on the floor. And SIP is
abysmal, 24/7. I know it's the satellite to blame, because when I set up
an XMPP server on my local LAN, it works very nicely, and reliably (I tried
both OpenFire and Prosody).

BOSH is the way around this, for satellite internet users. BOSH
encapsulates the XMPP traffic in HTTP frames. BOSH can cleverly convince
the satellite into giving much better QOS treatment of the XMPP traffic
(especially if the BOSH server is listening on port 80). "BOSH over XMPP"
is a draft standard (XEP-0206) documented here:

Note: Pidgin currently supports BOSH (but not ZRTP), so there is a working,
open-source BOSH implimentation to refer to, should anybody be interested.
Note: neither Pidgin, nor Jitsi (nor anything else, for that matter) can
provide what I'm currently looking for: both BOSH *and* ZRTP.

Also note that both Prosody and Openfire XMPP servers already support BOSH.

BTW: I *loved* the recent video presentation at Jitsi at DebConf13. The
claim was made that Jitsi was the most feature-rich of all IM/voice/video
chat clients (and I agree), and I feel the inclusion of BOSH would serve to
furtherly support that claim.