[jitsi-users] Everything is weird, groups are disappearing, contacts are disappearing...


I had once 3 contacts that I tried to move around, but they
combined... Drag-n-drpping the merged contact into another group made
the group the merged user was previously in disappear.

I un-merged the contacts, move one into one of the groups that
disappeared, then deleted that group containing only one contact. The
contact disappeared, so I used the search field to get it again, but I
could only see it and not move/call it.
Clearing the search field made the group reappear automagically, but I
still cannot interact with its only contact.

I restarted the program, the problematic contact doesn't exist
anymore. My third contact is now a copy of the first one, but offline
and with which I cannot interact.

I reinstalled jitsi,

The contact that didn't appear anywhere anymore talked to me and was
automatically added to a "NotInContactList" group

I moved this contact to one of my group,
He received a friend request, which he accepted (although he already
had me in his contact list)

I noticed I had an unshown offline friend, which I made appear by
hiding and then showing again offline friends,

This offline friend was actually online, and it was the friend I just
added once again,

I merged the two of them and checked the result was only one guy, and it was.

A whole log of bugs, but everything sorted out for me.
I am ready to help in correcting/testing these bugs if needed, and if
someone explains to me what I should do.


Windows 7, build 2.4.4997 x32