[jitsi-users] Error when uninstalling older version (Windows build.3495)

During a recent update of Jitsi, I received a
Windows Installer error saying “the feature you are trying to use
is on a network resource that is unavailable”, and it is asking
for the location of the
“jitsi-1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3495-x86.msi” file.

  Well, I don't have that installer file because I typically let

Jitsi update itself, and it downloads the installers to the temp
folder then they get cleaned up at some point.

  Is there a clean way I can uninstall the build 3495?  Does anyone

have that version 3495 msi installer (the filename shown above)?

  Besides, why does is it need to UNINSTALL, anyway??   Ugh,