[jitsi-users] Display name on Forward and Conference window

Hi all,

I’m using 2.5.5065 version, and when I get into the Forwarding or
Conference window I see details as shown in pic:
<img src=’/uploads/jitsi/original/2X/e/e5dedb70d58a01841a04cde9bee2340e9c7c3562.png’ width=‘690’ height=‘333’>

Now I see only number and in Contacts I have full contact details, name and

Server for registration is asterisk 1.6.2 but what ever I try to add to sip
user it has no effect on this.

Is this reading from sip subscriptions (cause in that case I can only have
number), or from contacts, cause in that case Name can be added to the
contact information?

That is my next question, can this be added to see:
(cyrcle with status) Number First Name

Thanks in advance,