[jitsi-users] Debian packages updates


Hi all,

As we were mentioning the debian packages updates only on the
community calls and questions came to the IRC channel I wanted to shed
some light on these changes.

First we renamed jitsi-meet debian package and it is now
jitsi-meet-web, and out of it we split one more package which is
The new config package holds only the configurations for jetty
(default if java8 is available), nginx and we introduced apache2
config (which is not widely tested).

We created a new package jitsi-meet which is actually a meta package
and is automatically build when there is a new jitsi-meet-web, jicofo
or jitsi-videobridge package.

The thing about that package is that it depends on particular versions
of the three components we have, and this is the combination of
packages that were tested by our automated integration tests.
In other words if you refer to a particular jitsi-meet package version
it depends on certain versions of the other components. Also for those
meta package versions there are tags in all the source repos:
jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet, jicofo, jitsi-videobridge and

Another significant change in the three component packages is that
they no longer depend on each other. What does that mean:
- the only package that relates all the components is jitsi-meet meta package.
- you can install different packages on separate environments without
requiring to install the whole stack. This would be very useful for
those using containers like docker in combination of passing debconf
values while configuring using: echo "jitsi-videobridge
jitsi-videobridge/jvb-hostname string jitsi-meet.example.com" |

We tried testing all scenarios of upgrade so we do not brake anything
and delete some config. Everything should be fine, at least our tests
showed that. But make backups of the /etc/jitsi when upgrading, maybe
backup and the used files from /etc/prosody and /etc/nginx.

There are some example/utility scripts in the meta package repo
(https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-debian-meta), to obtain dependent
versions from an updated debian repo.

We also have some performance tests we run and once those succeed we
will be moving packages automatically from unstable to testing. Once a
version is considered production ready, which means running it at
least few weeks on meet.jit.si it will be moved from testing to
stable. Moving packages between repos is not fully working currently,
but we are working on it and expect it in the following month or so.

Any questions or recommendations are welcome.