[jitsi-users] Debian community SIP is coming

We have been doing some work within the Debian community to enable SIP
and XMPP for debian.org (about 1000 Debian Developers)

The first stage involves SIP and TURN, we hope to have that live this
month and maybe even before my talk at mini-DebConf Paris next weekend


One of the things we need to do is provide some documentation for users
about how to get started quickly with different clients. Empathy is the
default SIP client in Gnome, Jitsi is available now too and I would like
to make sure people try it. Are there any existing Jitsi documents or
screen-shots or sample configs that could be quickly adapted to show how
debian.org users can get started? Our SIP parameters are described here:


Also, what is the status of TURN and AVPF for SIP accounts in Jitsi?
Should it interoperate with JSCommunicator (or JsSIP) or is that still
in the pipeline?