[jitsi-users] CUSAX and phone number only contacts


I am playing with CUSAX as per tutorial:


All seems to be working well so far, but I have one question:

In my set up I have SIP (Kamaillio) /XMPP (prosody) servers and Jitsi with
two accounts provisioned and linked as per tutorial above. Now I click
Jitsi number field and type: +35924210820 and click call button to place
and outbound call via SIP account. Once I am finished with the call I want
to save +35924210820 into my Contacts list under the name "Jitsi Project".
I click "Call History" -> "Add contact" and I end up with the following in
my XMPP server log:

save_roster: saving roster for joe@xmpp.example.com
Received[c2s]: <presence id='GO04X-37' type='subscribe' to='+
inbound presence subscribe from joe@xmpp.example.com for +
not saving roster for +35924210820@xmpp.example.com: the user doesn't exist

Could someone please point me in the right direction what would be the
correct way of handling scenario above (saving phone numbers alone, not
associated with XMPP account) to the roster?

Kind regards,