[jitsi-users] crash when trying to establish video call


I am using Jitsi to make video calls. On system A, I have installed
Debian Stable/Jessie using a Logitech C920 webcam, on system B, I have
installed Debian Sid/Unstable using a Logitech C310 webcam. I use Jitsi 2.8.5426-1 from
http://download.jitsi.org/deb/ unstable/.

I regulary get crashes when I am initiating a call with video enabled
(just after windows pop up on both systems which should show the
received videostream), sometimes only one instance of jitsi crashes,
sometimes both.

The crash seems to happen in libjnffmpeg.so, which is part of the Jitsi
package, I do not know whether it is caused by errornous usage of ffmpeg
or by a bug in ffmpeg.

The problem seems to be rather old, the following post from 2013
probably describes the same problem:

Kind regards,
Benedikt Wildenhain

hs_err_pid10520.log.xz (18.5 KB)