[jitsi-users] cpu hog

From time to time (about once every 2-3 days), I notice my notebook’s fan racing for no apparent reason (I’m running Win 8.1 Pro Update x64; Windows and everything else is fully patched). When I open my task manager and sort by CPU consumption, Jitsi (5.2.5205) has suddenly climbed up and is taking from 60 to 90%, and its memory usage has also skyrocketed to over 300 megabytes. If I watch it, memory usage keeps climbing until exhausting all available physical memory, going as high as 900 megabytes (out of 8 gigabytes on my Vaio notebook).

If I had to guess, I’d say this is somehow connected to me going on and off networks (I regularly switch between my home FTTH, DSL wifi in a cafe, and mobile 4G), but I can’t pin down any particular cause.

It’s easy enough to solve; I close Jitsi off its system tray icon (right-click -> quit), and then after it finishes exiting, re-launch it. But it seems like a bug of some sort.

Any suggestions for how to prevent/control this?



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