[jitsi-users] Contact verification bugs

I just tested from my brother's PC (he lives miles away) to my own and
trying to verify with the Shared Secret didn't work and said failed
both times I tried. I then tried the Question method instead and that
worked fine.

After the verification, I then had trouble with his chat window not
showing the lock icon at all. I'm not sure what fixed it as I tried
closing the window and double-clicking on his name again but still no
lock icon, then End Private Conversation and Refresh Private
Conversation and eventually I managed to get the lock icon to show up,
locked and with a green tick.

Even now though, if I right-click on his name it still shows
Authenticate Buddy (I don't think it should show this if it's already
been done should it?) and End and Refresh Private Conversation, even
though I don't have a chat window open to him. My other contacts (all
on ch3kr.net) just show Start Private Conversation. If I select End
Private Conversation for him, it does change to just show Start for
him as well.

So hopefully some bugs can be ironed out to make it a bit more
user-friendly, as it was a bit confusing trying to show him how it
works and if I'd been trying to talk him through it over the phone,
rather than doing it for him over Teamviewer, I don't think he would
have been able to sort it out by himself.

I'd installed the latest nightly (4940) on his PC but I'm running 4936
on mine at the moment.