[jitsi-users] codecs


Hi all,

Question about video-codecs (or actually two)

I was told today, that the status of H264 codec used by Jitsi is questionable.
Like in: you may use it for personal use, but if you were to use it beyond that scope (organization, commercial) you have to deal with a license issue.
Can anyone elaborate on that....

Secondly, (probably as a concequence of the first Q.above)
Are there any other video-codecs available for Jitsi?
When I look wahat is available (in 1.0-3969) I see h264 and h263-1998,
While in other clients I see also theora, h261, h263, mp4v-es.
And some of my colleges are saying I should opt for VP8.....

Suggestions? Experience? Wise words?



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