[jitsi-users] chat rooms using xmpp and voice conference using sip (all at same time)



This is one of the cool features of jitsi.

Using jitsi I can setup a chatroom on the jabber server which users can join
and enjoy multi user chat.

Further more, the chat room would support voice conferencing by:
-adding a sip account in jitsi to an asterisk server with a confernece
bridge setup

This is pretty cool. The only hastle is that the user is expected to join
the chat room and then also establish a voice call with the sip buddy to get
both "text" and "voice".

I can see that auto join a chat room is already their. Is there a way in
jitsi that the user after logging in could automatically call a certain sip
account. That's way a succesful login would open the chat room with voice
conference directly possible without having to call the sip buddy manually.

I suspect that there would be a certain propert in jitsi (.properties) that
might enable me to do that.
Any help here would be much appreciated.