[jitsi-users] Chat history not completely displayed


I have tried to find a bit of text from before yesterday with the chat
history search. It was found. So far ok, but it was not displayed. In the
right part of the window was nowhere the found text, nor the text around it.
Maybe the problem arises when a day is spiltted into two chatlog files,
maybe it is something different, but it is clearly a bug, as i could find
the text direct in the xml logfiles.

And some Feature suggestion: Marking the found text in bold does not help
if the scrollpane scrolls automatically to the bottom. I would like the
first find immediatly visible. Also a background color as marking would be
better instead of bold.

Oh, and you can break out of the cdata if you send these 3 chars in the
chat: ]]>
It is then impossible for the search to find anything after these chars as
jitsi creates a second cdata tag in the log and the search only looks for
the first one.

Tested with version 1.1.4390.10240