[jitsi-users] Can't get jitsi-videobridge working with lib-jitsi-meet



I want to have a custom video streaming solution using jitsi-videobridge. I
use lib-jitsi-meet to implement the solution.

I have a problem to get remote track even broadcasted to the conference. It
works fine in p2p mode, but when third participant joins, it stops working.

I noticed that both conference.p2pJingleSession and
conference.jvbJingleSession are null. I suspect that jvbJingleSession
should be established in order to get video/audio streams.

The only way it's created in the code, it's a onIncomingCall callback,
which never fires.

Currently, I play with the example from
https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/tree/master/doc/example and use a
docker image from https://github.com/filhocf/docker-jitsi-meet.

I can't spot any error in a browser nor on the server. What information can
I provide more?