[jitsi-users] Can't authenticate on Facebook


The funfact is: it worked some days ago...After installing jitsi it worked like a charm. Some days later it stopped and said, that the credentials aren't correct. That error message tells me : server is online and jitsi isn't able to login there...
Cheers and marry Christmas


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Von: Simon Fanshawe <simon@gannet.co.uk>
Datum: 22.12.2015 23:55 (GMT+01:00)
An: users@jitsi.org
Betreff: [jitsi-users] Can't authenticate on Facebook

Downloaded Jitsi (sudo apt-get install jitsi) to my Linux Mint machine.
Spent hours trying to get it to connect to my Facebook account. After
much research discovered that the Facebook server (chat.facebook.com)
was closed down last April. Programme and website both give detailed
instructions for doing this without mentioning the fact that it hasn't
worked for 8 months and will never work again.

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