[jitsi-users] Can not make a video bridge call (but web version works)


Thank you, Lyubomir, for trying!! But unfortunately it's all about desktop
Jitsi clients (windows). And what I can say for sure 100%, that Jitsi Meet
is not involved, because when you make a call from desktop client you need only VideoBridge.

PS Yes, I'm using a self-signed cert and authentication with login/pass.
PPS ...and Jitsi Meet works fine (in browser)
PPPS ...and any calls without VideoBridge work too.


I'm not sure you're asking about JItsi Meet on Android and iOS but
that what I'm going to answer about. Does you Jitsi Meet deployment
utilize a self-signed certificate or authentication? Then Jitsi Meet
on Android and iOS will not be able to connect to it at this time.
We'll work to make sure that these function in the future.

Hello, Jitsi team!
I'm facing troubles trying to make a videobridge call with desktop
jitsi clients. Have spended a week looking for any clues, but still
can not see or hear my vis-a-vis. The same time, Jitsi Meet and ordinary
conference-calls work fine. All the versions are latest stable, and pls,
take a look at the log, there are no errors. I'm confused. What should I do now?
No firewall, local network.