[jitsi-users] Can not make a video bridge call (but web version works)


Hello, Jitsi team!

I have a videobridge version 879 and openfire on xubuntu-16 x32 with jitsi clients ver 2,10 on windows.
Me and my colleague both can not make it work, examining and checking everything for over one week.
It doesn't produce any errors, but does not work as well. I.e. there is no video/audio from other participants,
when you call with Jitsi client. At the same time "jitsi meet" and "conference call" work fine.

We inspected logs, but saw no errors, only "info". We also captured traffic, and it says, that server receives UDP traffic,
but does not resend it to other participants. And we tried all available versions of bridge, including stable, nighties and
quick-install from ubuntu repos.

This situation looks really weird. Could somebody help, please?