[jitsi-users] Can jitsi-meet be tested locally ?

I installed jitsi-meet at a public vps with a fresh ubuntu14.04 . To my surprise , the test failed with default settings for two local peers . Both of the peers are located inside a local network : 192.168.1.xxx . They cannot see each other with error message : ( from console.log )
Jingle error Object {source: "answer"}
Jingle error Object {source: "transportinfo"}
Jingle error Object {source: "transportinfo"}

The two peers run with chrom40 ( at an android mobile ) and chrome43 ( at a ubuntu PC ).If you need more info. , please do not hesitate to let me know.

Regards !


P.S. Is this the same case reported by Dylan Thurston with " meet.jit.si problems " ?