[jitsi-users] Call - sound loss while processing


>> I'll would like to congratulate the developers for this amazing program
>> improving our way of communicating.
> Thanks for your kind words!
>> I'm using the last stable version, and made some general configurations
>> accordingly with my needs in a corporate environment.
>> Meanwhile, some users started to complaing about sound loss during a
>> when processing at same time excel files (inserting/removing filters).
>> I've made some changes, like updating versions (Jitsi and Java),
>> priority of jitsi.exe process...but without complete success.
>> Can you please give me a hand?
> I've never experienced this, even with rather old computers (by today's
standards). The best I can suggest is that your users don't do performance
intensive stuff while being on the phone.

Just from an administrators point of view: Did you try the following?

1. Watch CPU/memory while this happens.
2. Try to stress the CPU during a phone call (some kind of benchmark or
superpi calculation) and see if the sound is lost then too.
3. Try another program for music playback or recording and see if sound
is lost there as well during excel filter operations.

These tests should help finding out if it is specific to Jitsi or the

>> Many thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
> Ingo

Thank you Ingo and Peter for the answer.

   About Peter tests what I've is:

   1. The tests were made with the jitsi.exe priority in Normal mode, I
   felt loss of sound during calls. When I made the test with priority High
   didn’t notice any loss. Were made in my laptop processor i5.

   2. I made a simple test with a cpu stress program showing no
   during a call even with the processor at 100%.

   3. Test made with windows media player and windows recorder during
   excel processing, no problem in the sound. I didn’t felt any loss.

   It looks like some issue between Excel and Jitsi. Any other ideas? Could
   be some configuration?


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