[jitsi-users] call not secure; WASAPI


1. Call Not Secure
Here is my update on the "call not secure" question which is still not solved. Some calls work, some don't. I just had a ConCall with 2 android users. For both of them, the call showed as secure with each other, but not with me. At my end, both users were shown as not secure.

This does not happen all the time; some calls have been shown as secure. I have come to the end of my wits here.

As has been recommended, I have been using WASAPI as the Audio system. However, with WASAPI, Windows 7 hogs the microphone and changes the volume level arbitrarily. This is not the case with PortAudio. BTW: this seems to be a known issue with Windows 7; there are quite a lot of threads on the Web by people complaining about this (not in conjunction with Jitsi, though),
Any suggestions how to wrest control back from Win7?

Thanks much