[jitsi-users] "call not secure" (02)


I have checked further into the audio issue and have found one
possible ground for problems; namely the Win7 sound manager. Although I
cannot be entirely sure - this needs further testing; will report later
- it seems that under 'Microphone properties, Advanced', one needs to
enable "Exclusive Mode" otherwise Jitsi may be "pushed under" by other
applications, such as Audacity.

It seems that without that, the mic is
not always working




Boris; but I think that WASAPI can be ruled out as the culprit;

because I tried the same person also with PortAudio; and the call

unsecure (this may have been a different call and might not

show up on

the logfile sent)

At least the log you sent shows a
problem with WASAPI which lead to a failure initializing ZRTP (the
mic-noise is used to seed a random number generator, RNG). Failure to
initialize it could hence very well be the culprit.
If PortAudio works,
have you restarted Jitsi between changing the audio systems? The RNG is
only initialized at startup.