[jitsi-users] Bug report: UI to add an XMPP chatroom from a xmpp: html link forgets previously entered information (Windows 2.4.4997)


To reproduce:

1- Click on a "join an XMPP chatroom" link such as the one here:
http://movim.eu/, which links to xmpp:movim@conf... (truncating to
avoid spam in case they also use for email)

2- Jitsi starts the "Account Selection" dialog: "Please select the
account that you would like to use to chat with xmpp:movim@conf..."
And there is a drop down with my 4 XMPP accounts. (So far so good)

3- I then get the "Add contact" dialog "Do you want to add the contact
: movim@conf... ?" I click "yes"

So another "Add contact" dialog appears requesting 4 things:
* Select account (it forgot my previous choice)
* Select group (this makes sense)
* ID or number (it forgot my previous choice of the actual chatroom)
* Display name (it should offer same as ID by default, but I can override)

Also, there is another related issue:

In the "Add contact" dialog, when I fill out the information in order:
1- Select account
2- Select group
3- ID or number
4- Display name

When I add info to #3, #2 is reset back to "No group"

I can make a screencast to demonstrate the issues.

Best regards,


Marc Laporte