[jitsi-users] Bug report - Paste URL from Chrome in MAC OS


Bug report:
When copying URL from Google's Chrome Omnibox with HTTPS and paste directly
from the clipboard to the chat in Jitsi, it does not paste the URL and
instead it try to send a file with 0 bytes.

If you copy the URL and paste in something else, like a notepad, and then
copy again and paste in the chat, it works. This is because Google's
Omnibox copy the HTTPS into the clipboard with other format (URI UTF-8) and
here's the bug were we cannot paste it directly to Jitsi chat.

As long as i have seen, it didn't happen for me in Windows 10, it only
happens in MAC OS X (don't know if Ubuntu have the same problem)
Reproduction Steps:
1. You are in MAC OS
2. You go to Google Chrome, enter in any web page with HTTPS connection
3. Copy to clipboard
4. Paste into Jitsi Chat, voilá, it does not paste, it tries to send it as
a file w/ 0 bytes.

So yeah, it's basically a little bit pity because in the company were i am,
we are pasting URL's from Chrome all the time

Thank you so much in advance!