[jitsi-users] Bug? Missing OTR Messages | Win8 observations



i got some really strange thing today. I have had an OTR chat via google
talk accounts and somewhere inbetween the messages would not be decoded
The messages were send/recived as i could see new timestamps in the gmail
google talk window but there was nothing in the jitsi chat window. The
messages were „dropped“/invisible on booth ends.
One possibility for the message loss could maybe be the standby mode which
my laptop has had in this timespan. We tried to reproduce this with a 3
minute standby but the chat worked fine after that. Maybe a message get
lost if it send in the time the pc got into standby but the account is
still signed in because the timeout isn't triggered yet?

Nigtly versions:
1.1.4468 on Win8
1.1.4387 on Win7

Other observations:
On Win8 the flashing of the taskbar icon on a new message does not work,
also there is no sound played on message incomming.

After a while the Chatwindow forgets the content of the Messages but still
shows the grey timestamp lines from the messages. Why?

Thats all for now, kind regards


Hi Carsten,
OTR is a bit unstable, it needs to recive every single message that
was actualy send, otherwise its gona stop working.
(I think thats needed to provide Perfect Forward Security)
So you might just have lost a message somewhere and thats it.
XMPP (in contrast to i.e. PSYC or IRC) does not realy ashure that all
the messages are correctly recived neither does it give feedback if
thats not the case.

- --
Yannik V�lker