[jitsi-users] Bug in Chat window when showing more than 22 (+/-) previous messages


Hi guys,

I don't know if this bug has already been reported (I certainly didn't find anything like it when browsing through the Mailing List), but whenever I choose to show more than 22 previous messages in the chat window (via Preferences > General > Log Messages - I am using the German UI, so I'm translating these options back on the fly), current chat messages are not displayed in the chat window anymore. I am using the nightly build of July 4th, but used the stable version 2.2 until today (have upgraded hoping to resolve the issue).

Now the 22 displayed messages doesn't seem to be the breaking point, as my gf (using version 2.2) has the exact same issue with even less than 22 displayed messages (don't have the time to empirically test to the fullest extent).

Can someone please confirm the issue and fix this so I can display a full history of chat messages to the other person? I know that I have a separate history option, bit I find it hard to use.

Thank you in advance,