[jitsi-users] Best way to see which audio and video streams are going where and what events caused them to do so



I'm coming at the video bridge from the perspective of someone who has used
Asterisk and FreeSWITCH for conferencing, where I can connect to a console
app and list the participants that are in a conference and the current
flags they have set, or connect a socket to an event stream and subscribe
to events of interest.

In reading the logs, I'm having trouble seeing what the state is from the
viewpoint of the bridge. How would I go about seeing the active streams for
a conference or a participant, and the state changes when for instance --
someone requests a high quality stream, or changes their mute mode? Is
there a particular namespace to turn up debugging for to see what I would
say are the "business messages", versus the "technical packet-level

George Politis had previously mentioned some details about using
GroosyShell to connect into the process when I asked a similar question a
couple of years ago, but it doesn't look like that's really being
maintained anymore -- or I'm looking in the wrong spot. Is that perhaps a
better direction to go?

Or is this business logic the purview of the Jicofo component?