[jitsi-users] audio problems with Jitsi Desktop


I tried recently audio/video calls with Jitsi Desktop (latest nb)
between Debian Testing and Mac OS 10.11 using XMPP (jabber.ccc.de,
jabbim.com) and SIP (sip2sip) - I have reported some time ago between
Win10 and Mac, but problems seem now the same:

on the called side there is no audio (no moving blue line), checking the
connection info revealed loss of packages (opus was used):

Bandwidth : ↓ 31 Kbps ↑ 10 Kbps Loss rate : ↓0% ↑ 0% Packets decoded
with FEC : 0

Packets currently being discarded : 50% Number of discarded packets :
2969 (0 late, 2948 full, 21 shrink, 0 reset)

Adaptive jitter buffer : enabled Jitter buffer : ~160ms; currently in
queue: 8/16 packets Jitter : ↓ 20 ms ↑ 0 ms

is this the reason for the audio problems? if yes, what can i do?

did anybody use jitsi desktop for audio/video recently and observed
similar problems?

any hint would be highly appreciated.

best greetings, MS