[jitsi-users] Audio dropped when a message comes in

Hello Everyone,

I'm experiencing this issue on an Xubuntu 14.04 system running Jitsi
2.5.5065. I've confirmed that this issue also occurs on stable. I have
no been able to test it on Windows as I have no access to a Windows machine.

For some reason, if I am in a call that involves the PSTN (for example a
SIP call with a PSTN user) and an incoming text message comes in (either
via SIP or XMPP), the call audio is dropped and not recovered.

Additionally, if I make an outbound SIP call to the PSTN, the outbound
audio will fail within one to two minutes of establishing the call.

I assume that this has something to do with the way Jitsi communicates
with the audio server in 14.04. The problem doesn't seem to exist in
other programs that provide SIP service.

Any ideas or thoughts on the cause of this problem or suggested workarounds?



Anthony Papillion

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