[jitsi-users] Any plans to allow font and text size settings?


Hi, can this be added to the feature request list? It's not a big deal to me except that I cannot get my family members on board to using Jitsi because they complain that the font size is too small. These are reading-glasses-wearing folk who like to crank up the size of the text in the apps they use so that they don't have to fetch their glasses all the time. At the moment I have no Jitsi friends, and so the main reason I installed it (encryption) is never used. All I get for this over ICQ or other apps is unwanted popups that cannot be turned off (apparently)..

Otherwise, thanks for the awesome concept, I can't wait to see where this app goes in the future. Unfortunately the unmodifiable text size makes it a nonstarter with my friends as an IM app replacement, even with the OTR perk. Or maybe there is a way to change the size manually in the registry or a config file..?