[jitsi-users] after a while video freezes in one direction only


I am using Jitsi for videochat between Kubuntu and Windows Vista
computers. The installed version is 5065-1. I set up ZRTP and Jitsi
tells me the connection is encrypted. Protocols used are OPUS and H264
(did not change any default settings).

Sometimes we can talk for hours without problems. But lately the
following often happened:

- On the other computer (Windows Vista) my friend can no longer see my
video, but only sees a still image. It just freezes.

- On my computer (Kubuntu 14.04) I can still see video from the other
side and myself in the small window.

- Audio is still okay for both sides. We can talk normally

- When I look up technical information I see Jitsi is still sending
video data to the other computer as before. However it is sent with
99% to 100% loss rate.

- When I switch off my video my friends stops seeing the image of me.
She then just has an audio connection.

- When I switch on the video again I can see myself, but for my friend
there is no change visible.

- We have not found a way to make my friend see my video again after
it was lost, other than ending the call and calling again.

We have also been using Skype a lot and have not seen the problem there.

I have not found the same problem on the list. If you need more
information / logs please tell me