[jitsi-users] Address List Question/Problem

I use Jitsi and I use the Jitsi address list to keep track of phone numbers etc. I have a phone number that is listed in the wrong group and in the right group. It's listed twice. If I delete it, both go away, If I right click on it and select move to group and try to move it to the correct group, nothing happens. I've had Jitsi on my computer for a long time, so I'm speculating that I might have developed/picked up some crud over the generations of Jitsi. Is this possibly a bug or do I need to delete a subdirectory or file and then recreate all of my phone numbers. These are actually phone numbers that are on this system, not things it's picked up from facebook, google talk etc.

I use Jitsi 2.4.4997 on a current Ubuntu 14.04 system.



*John F. Ervin
**Central Florida TeleSource LLC
*/10151 University Blvd #224
Orlando, FL 32817
jervin@jervin.com <mailto:jervin@jervin.com>