Jitsi UserBox not shown responsive (auto-sizing) in Desktop

Hello Jitsi Community!

I am using my own hosted latest JitsiMeet and integrated it with KiwiIRC chat in a Ubuntu VPS. So, the Jitsi conference covers 40% of the chat screen inside KiwiIRC chat.

But now, I see there is a problem with the responsiveness or auto-sizing. If there are more than 9 users then, it’s difficult to see the 10th user or the new users joining the conference on the Desktop and needs scrolling. The Userbox is a bit bigger.

But, the older version like Jitsi-meet=2.0.6726-1 does not have this error, and the auto-sizing is done quite well when there are a lot of users. The Userbox here is small here though. The only problem is that it does not correctly show who joined or left (join and leave message) in the conference.

So, I would like to use the older version Jitsi-meet=2.0.6726-1 if there is a fix for the leave and join message of users.

Or, if the latest version could have the same auto-sizing when there are a lot of users would be great.

Please, I would like some help in it.

Can you please share a screenshot that shows the problem?

Hello saghul, thanks for the reply, here it is,

Did you set vertical filmstrip to false?

Hello saghul, I haven’t changed any settings for the filmstrip. But If I change it back to the old version of Jitsi, it works completely okay like this but the only problem for join and quit message. So if there is any fix for this?

A number of things have changed so I’m not sure that’s possible still.

Did you set disableTileEnlargement to true ?

I actually haven’t touched the Jitsi configurations. It’s the default. So, I normally updated my Jitsi and it does not become responsive. But, when I change back to the old Jitsi version, it works well though I don’t make any changes to the Jitsi configurations.

We have changed the default behavior. That setting restores some of the old behavior.

Hello saghul, yeah I set disableTileEnlargement to true but it didn’t work as expected.

@robertpin do you have any ideas?

No longer possible. We considered this a broken layout and updated the code so that each tile has some minimum dimensions

If this is not possible, I would like to use version Jitsi-meet=2.0.6726-1 but it has an error on join and leave notice (shows false joins and leave). Can the joins and part message be fixed?

Sorry, we don’t support old releases.