Jitsi use from desktop Windows browser without client install - possible?

I have used Zoom as a join from browser participant on my Win7 desktop with USB webcam. Tech friends like Jitsi. Can it be used from a browser, instead of installing a client?

Yes. https://meet.jit.si/

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Thanks @corby! I just tried it with two of my machines, and it seems to work nicely. Chrome on one, Firefox on the other. I brought up https://meet.jit.si/ on each, typed the same meeting name into each, and they connected immediately. I don’t see a way to control the video resolution either outgoing or incoming, but the controls are understandable. Nice to have a password option, and an option to have people start muted.

there is limited control on received quality in the three dots menu / managed video quality / pick between low (360), middle (720) and high quality. There is no control on sent quality, the software always tries to send highest quality possible.

Thanks @gpatel-fr I was looking in Settings and missed seeing Manage video quality on the main menu. That’s unfortunate that the send can’t be throttled to a lower quality - bandwidth is a concern for me. I’m looking forward to testing this.