Jitsi use for multiple rooms and API control


Hi Folks,

Hope I can get some advise on Jitsi… I am looking at creating a web app for people to join together for training sessions. I would like to be able create the rooms on the fly through an API and control who can join the rooms. One major difference I would like is that all the students joining the room can only see the trainers video but the trainer can see all the students. Is this possible with Jitsi?

If so would I have to install and configure all these three components, Videobridge, Jibri, Jicofo? Or would I also have to install JitsiMeet and configure that to how I would like it to operate?

Hope this makes sense.

Look forward to your response…


This is not possible at the moment. You will probably need to modify jicofo and videobridge to be able to achieve it.

You will need jitsi-meet, videobridge and jicofo, but all three can be installed and configured with just one command. Jibri is used if you want to broadcast to youtube or use it to record your videos.


Hi @damencho
I want room creator to be able to give others permission for speaking.
Is this possible with Jitsi?
Looking forward to your response.


Nope there is no such feature. This is a conference and everybody can speak. The moderator can mute audio on those that are polluting the conference with some background noises for example.


What component should i modify to implement the feature?


jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet and jicofo.