Jitsi URL Generator -- UI for generating URLs with config overrides

We very often see questions in this forum that boils down to “how do I compose a URL to override configs for X”.

Hopefully this will help → Jitsi URL Generator

It’s a simple UI that allows you to make simple customisations and watch how the URL changes. It only exposes a small fraction of what is possible, but should hopefully help build familiarity which users can then apply to other config values in the whitelist.


Hahahaha! Believe it or not, I created one of this not too long ago! :joy:

:rofl: what can I say. It’s the perfect little project for those “I really need to unwind and do something fun yet maybe useful” moments.

Yeah, I literally just burst out laughing. What an incredible coincidence! Great job!

very nice :+1:

Updated to include a couple of examples for interfaceConfig.