Jitsi torture test

I am using jitsi-torture for testing

when I use my jitsi installation. test does not join with video stream. test always joins with the audio stream. but when i change url to jitsi meet instant https://meet.jit.si. it joins with video.

mvn \


I observe the same behavior. Did you find a solution?

If you’re still fighting with this, or if others stumble over the same issue:
In my case, our installation of Jitsi did not like the resolution of the video, which was in my case FakeVideoStream.y4m. Taking the FourPeople video from here https://media.xiph.org/video/derf/y4m/ as proposed here (Tutorial: Loadtesting Jitsi with MalleusJitsificus on a Selenium Grid), solved the issue for me.

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