Jitsi Torture - large scale testing


We have a production ready setup of Jitsi meet with jwt authentication and I need to stress test this server. I was able to setup jitsi torture that is working fine with jwt but now I ve stumbled across a problem I need to test 30 parallel sessions with 30 users using audio + video for 25 users.
When I run this test I see the CPU is extremely high on my test machine ( I m using Azure VM with 8 CPU 32GB RAM)

Is there any way that I can conduct these tests?

I ve also tried disabling JWT auth. setting no auth, then running malleus.sh with 2 conferences 15 each and that also didn’t get and results, browsers are disconnecting and video is not shown etc.

example: ocker exec jitsi-testing_torture_1 ./scripts/malleus.sh --conferences=2 --participants=15 --senders=15 --audio-senders=15 --duration=600 --room-name-prefix=hamertest1 --hub-url=http://hub:4444/wd/hub --instance-url= xxxx.com

For large scale testing, you’ll can to set up a Selenium Grid to distribute the test clients across multiple hosts.

To reduce load on clients further, you can use the --use-load-test option on the malleus.sh to use the light-weight UI instead of full Jitsi meet. To use this, you’ll also need to allow the load-test UI in nginx config:

I would add to @shawn’s recommendations that there is no real way around just giving the clients sufficient CPU & memory, otherwise you get spurious load test failures because your clients aren’t keeping up.

Consider a real 30-person conference, each one of those 30 users might be using ~2 vCPU + a few GB RAM, so you can’t expect to simulate all those users on the cloud with just 8 CPU + 32 GB RAM total.

Consider using spot capacity on your cloud provider. For our load tests we fire up a Selenium grid on AWS Fargate Spot, I guess Azure has something similar. You can spin up hundreds of nodes for a short time that way without spending excessive amounts.

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Well on Azure you have something called ACI Azure Container Instances and that does not scale well unfortunately… on some regions I could create maybe 5 or 6 docker nodes and that is it

I will create 4 5 dedicated servers on some other hosting and make these tests, do you want me to share the results afterwards?
Is there any kind of results of jitsi server available now, like users, CPU, memory?

Azure I use VM Scaleset for Jitsi Torture.
If you need to test something I can send fake videos and audios to your server for sometime.


Thank you for your responses, can anyone please tell me from their experience maximum numbers of users and resources used - my VM has 4vCPU and 16GB of RAM standard D4s machine on Azure?

Can I run about 100 users on maybe 3 or 4 rooms?

Thank you guys
much appreciated!

@elliot10 are you asking how many torture instances you can run on that machine? Or if you deploy jitisi-meet how many endpoints that can handle?

I m asking about Jitsi meet server, how many endpoints (users, rooms) can this server handle if I have Azure VM D4s (16GB RAM, 4vCPU) if anyone has some experience?

Sorry for not being clear

This means one jvb, which means approximately 100-150 endpoints. To be on the safe side 100.

Ok thank you very much.

I am asking this because of the ‘trade off’ , We were thinking we should create two servers in the cluster using this hardware or the better option just to upgrade the hardware to 64GB RAM ?

It is not only the RAM, it is also CPU and bandwidth.