Jitsi to work with redirected IP


I have successfully installed Jitsi on local LAN and it works great. Now, I want to go ahead and exposing this from external.

I have some limitation where my ISP doesn’t allow me to use port 443 and 80 from external.
What I am doing now for external facing services are as follows.

1.) AWS instance and local instance connected via wireguard VPN
2.) AWS only have haproxy installed to forward port 443/80 traffic to my local server via wireguard tunnel
3.) I also installed coturn server on the AWS since I also have nextcloud talk working though the performance is far from Jitsi in my opinion (call drops, very slow before parties can connect). But it could also be due to my configuration.
4.) From my local server, i have another haproxy that handles SSL offloading and forwards traffic to appropriate backends

Does anyone have experience how Jitsi can work with that same setup? I tried installing Jitsi directly from AWS and it worked great but i think it defeats the purpose of hosting the solution on premise for more control and visibility. I still intend to use AWS for routing capability via tunnel but I am not sure what other things to configure to allow video call from AWS to my local network. Probably I can open some ports other than 80/443/8080 on my local network but not sure what is it to open. Thanks in advance.