Jitsi to respond on muliple domains on the same server


I run multiple apache based websites on the same server (using virtual domiains). I have also installed Jitsi on this server.

I have configed apache to direct to Jitsi via two different subdomains (e.g. meet.domain1.org; meet.domain2.org).

Currently Jistsy allows only meetings on one of these domains, even the Jitsi start screen is shown on both domains.

How do I need to configure Jitsi - jifofo and videobridge - to work with both domains at the same time?

Most probably you get bosh error for unknown host, you can check it in the js console or in network tab in the browser.
When you proxy the bosh connection pass as host the host you used to install jitsi-meet

That will be the one that is working for you