JitSi takes over entire domain


I installed Jitsi on my own server and its working, but i also had my website on that server domain from before.

I moved my old server html files from example.com to example.com/web, and jitsi is on example.com

but even if i try to access example.com/web jitsi still comes up.

Anybody knows how to fix?


Jitsi interprets everything after the slash as room name. You can change this in Nginx configuration file.

Here is an example:

Look at the “location” directives in section “Limit access to room list”.

Hello Thanks for the info, would it be possible to put jitsi on a different port like this


then only if people hit 4443 will jitsi kick in, anything else the regular website shows up?

is that possible (im not linux expert but seems easier to just change the port)?


Interesting idea!
I guess this can be done in Nginx configuration file too. But don’t ask me where exactly. :slight_smile:

Edit: found it.

IMHO it is much easier to configure a sudomain e.g. jitsi.example.com instead of a subfolder example.com/room

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Thought we wanted to start JITSI on the other port, the webserver should stay on 80 right?

Yes, but the problem is I already have a subdomain for something else. I dont know how to put 2 subdomains on to one server

I don’t see how it’s particularly complex, you create a subdomain and then you create another :-). It’s just a matter of adding another server section in your config (if you use nginx, if you use Apache it’s a different syntax I think)
The only thing a bit challenging is getting the certificates from Let’sEncrypt.

OK, awesome,maybe easy for you, but i never done it before.

Not only for me, look at the list of public instances you’ll notice that there are not a lot of accesses in the form of myserver.com/myjitsi - in fact I have found none…

OK, so your saying i should add another server section to nginx config, so the result would be

when i want to access the regular server i would do apps.myserver.com

when i want jitsi i would do jitsi.myserver.com/room

is that what you mean?

no, just jitsi.myserver.com